PIGMI is a mailing list and blog aggregator for the growing community of independent game makers in Perth, Western Australia.

Links: Many thanks to Let's Make Games for hosting this site and the mailing list.

Code of Conduct

PIGMI is a forum for video game makers in Perth, Western Australia.

PIGMI is unmoderated for subscribers and is against censorship in general, however we would like to encourage an environment of mutual respect and encouragement. We encourage people of all ages, genders, races, clans, cosplay crews and other affiliations who are interested in making video games to participate without discrimination. We strive to provide a fun, friendly forum for folks to interact and discuss the making of video games.

Posting of commercial material is fine as long as it is on topic and relevant to video game makers in Western Australia. Please don't spam.

Any post on PIGMI should not be taken as an endorsement by Let's Make Games. All of the views are the author's own.

Please be nice.